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Short Saw Tooth Fire Bayonet

Near mint short saw tooth fire bayonet.Non maker marked mint blade, complete with washer. Riveted knurled grip which has no imperfections.Top pommel has minor greying but no lifting. Black painted scabbard which is dent free and near mint.Complete with leather frog, all stitching in place and rivets nice and secure.
Overall Mint-

Code: 50044

450.00 GBP

Shortlist item
Second Pattern Railway Full Rig

This is a complete rig of a second pattern railway dagger by Eickhorn .Acid etched trade mark, Excellent blade with minor greying but no rust, dent sand has not been tipped. Perfect black grip, cross guard has expected flawed ha since patina.Pommel comes off so allows dagger to be stripped.Dent free scabbard with minor wear. Comes with railway knot which is hard to find especially in the condition of this one, no fraying and nearly mint.The hangers are in excellent condition with very minor wear. Comes with 2 shoulder boards which adds to the display.
Overall EX++ for this scarce complete item.

Code: 50043

4450.00 GBP

Shortlist item
SS Erased Rhom By Klass

One of the harder trade mark SS daggers to find.Nice deep grey acid etch with greying to the blade. Small klass trademark which indicated Rhom dagger, This has been erased in the field with a file, not factory erased. Excellent black grip with eagle and run button nicely set in. Marked III on lower cross guard. Scabbard is dent free, but shows wear, top and bottom mount nice and secure with ball having minor dent.
Scarce SS maker to find, overall EX+

Code: 50045

2300.00 GBP

Shortlist item
NPEA student leader by Eickhorn

Scarce item to find, The acid etch on the blade is nice and crisp, near perfect. Blade shows some greying but has nearly all its cross graining.Over the shoulder trademark Nickel plated fittings with slight bubbling as would be expected with age but very little lifting Good grip which fits perfect with cross guards, with no major blemishes. Scabbard is dent free with original paint finish.Comes with leather frog which has wear around the top rivets and loop.
Overall ann EX++ item, and hard to find in this condition

Code: 50042


1898/05 By Waffenfabrik

Blade is dated 1913 and maker marked.Slight staining to blade but no rust and goes to a nice point. Wooden grip in good order with no major blemishes. Long eared with flash guard, release catch in good working order.
Dent free steel scabbard. Leather frog ha all its stitching and no rips.
Nice condition item.

Code: 50041

185.00 GBP

Shortlist item
German 84/98 Saw Back

Maker marked Bontgen& Sabin, blade show swear but no major pitting or rust. Goes too nice point.Original wood grips, securely fastened with no cracks or dents.
Pommel shows slight pitting.Steel scabbard which is dent free

Code: 50039

245.00 GBP

Shortlist item
Johnson Sem-Automatic 1941 Model

Nice example of this scarce bayonet. The bayonet is in near mint condition with no wear and full bluing.Numb 2118 stamped on rivet. The leather scabbard is in excellent condition, all stitching complete with no tears or nicks.
Overall EX++ fir thi scarce American bayonet

Code: 50040

455.00 GBP

Shortlist item
German Army Dagger By Luneshloss

Scarce maker marked German Army dagger. Grip is a lovely deep orange, no damage and nice turning., 12 leaf pommel which comes off so dagger can be striped.
Gorgeous blade with no nicks or spotting. Scabbard is dent free with throat held on by 1 screw.
Overall EX++ fir this scarce maker.

Code: 50038

580.00 GBP

Shortlist item
Eickhorn Army Dagger

Acid etched trademark, blade is near perfect with full cross grain Leather washer intact. The grip is a dark yellow, stunning colour. 12 leaf pommel which turns.
Scabbard is dent free, throat held on by single screw, nice pebbling with some tea, but no damage.
Overall EX++, with stunning blade.

Code: 50037

525.00 GBP

Shortlist item
Japanese Type 30

Type 30 Arasaka bayonet, made by the Toyada Jidoshoki Seisakusho under Nagoya supervision.Superb fullered blued blade, with no nicks or blemishes.Wood grips fit perfectly, square pommel with working press stud.Typical metal scabbard which is dent free. Superb leather frog which ha perfect stitching and no tears.
Hard to upgrade this combination

Code: 50036


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