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German 1898

Blade marked Alex Coppel and dated 16 , excellent blade with no pitting or rust. Two piece wood grip securely fastened by 2 rivets. Press stud in working order. Steel scabbard with no dents.

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Matching 1866 Chassepot

Dated 1870 on back of blade which is nice and bright with no nicks or rust. Excellent brass handle with working leaf spring.Numbered 59978 on scabbard and cross guard.tell scabbard which has no dents but usual greying.

Code: 50056

115.00 GBP

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British 1887 MK 111

Nice bright blade with no rust or nicks. Usual stamps on blade. Leather grip which shows were bit securely fastened with 2 rivets. Release catch in good working order. Leather scabbard in very good condition, stitching all intact, bottom and top mount securely fastened with staples intact.

Code: 50058

165.00 GBP

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Italian !871 Vetterli Vitali

This is the second model of the series.Nice brought single edged fullered blade, stamped Torino on blade, no rust or pitting. Stamped 1529 on cross guard.Dark brown/black composite grip in excellent condition. Long leaf spring in good working order. Leather scabbard in excellent condition with no nicks or dents,top and bottom mounts in excellent condition and well secured.
Scarce item to find and in overall excellent condition.

Code: 50054

320.00 GBP

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Danish Madsen 1947

Nic example of Danish Madsen, These were developed for export but not well adopted. This one is in excellent condition.

Code: 50051

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Australian Owen

Dated 44 so WW2, early issue. Blade shows nearly 100% bluing with very minor runner wear. Grip well secured with 2 minor dents on one side, and dated 44 on other wood grip.Leather scabbard in excellent condition,stitching all intact and marked MA52 on reverse by stitching.Complete with webbing frog.

Code: 50052

175.00 GBP

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Japanese Type 30

First pattern type 30, made by Tokyo arsenal. Excellent single edge fullered bright blade, slight greying but no pitting or rust. Grips securely fastened with no nick for dents, press stud in good working order. Typical blued scabbard with no dents and only slight rust but no pitting. Come with leather frog, stitching intact and no tears in leather, these are commonly frail but this one is in excellent condition.

Code: 50053

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Swedish M 1915 Navy

Identical to the 1914 pattern but much scarcer. Long single edge fullered blade, Retaining clasp in good working order and releases blade. Excellent wood grips securely fitted by 2 screw rivets.Release catch in working order. Scabbard in good order with very minor denting as would be expected.
Nice rare item

Code: 50050


TENO Portopee

Rare item to find and completes the TENO Hewer dagger off lovely. The knot is nice and tight, the chord shows minor wear but no fraying or rips.
Over all EX++
Rare Item

Code: 50048


Mint Deluxe Army Dagger Hangers

This is the minutest set of deluxe army hangers I have ever com across. I bought this at th eMAX show about 10 years ago, never seen a better set. They have never been used, the fittings have a gorgeous frosting, the straps are very rigid, DRGM nicely stamped in top of horse shoe.
Very hard to upgrade and comes in box

Code: 50047

425.00 GBP

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